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Update on What METHOD HOW that METHOD HOW is Using as its Own METHOD HOW

METHOD HOW has a METHOD HOW to do What We are Doing Next

I almost have the the digital education product completed. The basic outline exists, it just needs to be edited and worked through a bit.

As has been mentioned on this past on this site, the first phase is going to be dedicated to opening the doors to those who are a person in need, with a company in need.

To be more specific. The ideal person for this, who we hope to help, would be an individual who maybe depended too much on in-person customers, and therefore when the Pandemic hit and everyone stayed home, this person took a nose dive.

The hope is that there are people out there who have a company that was hit hard and would like to try out for free, marketing and business success strategies that each are only 3 fast, easy and effective steps.

All the strategies are based on approaches I have taken in the past. Not exact copies because every company is different, but having an integration with principles.

They are short strategies with the goal of making the process of doing useful promotions much more simple.

And yes, there is a component of interaction with AI. There are no literally electronic components, but there are suggestions regarding the maximum best possible use of new technologies.

As you have likely heard Google and AI are hitting heads, despite Google having been an AI using company for some time. But it looks like, I am sure just for the moment, they maybe need to tweak their strategy a bit.

And speaking of strategies, what we mean by that word is dominos in a row, in the form of tactics. And when the first domino is tapped forward it hits the next domino, then that domino does the same and so on.

There are so many amazing tools we have access these days it is actually kind of difficult to not succeed. All the things that used to get in the way, are not in the way any longer.

It goes without saying that probably the biggest issues some of us face, is holding ourselves back. Maybe you are like that too. Opportunities galore, but not diving into the deep end, even when wearing a life jacket.

Anyway, exciting times here. I hope your life is unfolding well and that you are not beating yourself up too much and are engaged in things that are exciting to you.

We will still be doing the official unofficial soft launch will still be on Valentines Day, this Tuesday the 14th. We won’t be doing an emailing to you on that day, but will tell you about it next week.

Happy Valentines day in advance and have a great weekend!