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What would having exclusive access to previews of coming METHOD HOW Strategy Secrets do for you, a company owner or person considering starting one?

Are you a Person in Need who owns a Company in Need, or maybe you had wanted to start a company but with Covid-19, fires, flooding, inflation, a war overseas and so on, your dream did not happen? If so, coming is an exciting surprise.

Soon we will be giving access for the first time in the last few years to YOU to be able to subscribe to the free and exclusive METHOD HOW Report, formerly known as the USA Make a Difference Newsletter.

And prior to that, when the email publication first began, it was entitled Platinum PIA News. This was done in conjunction with the first Platinum PIAs Awards Ceremony in 2010.

And now, after not letting in any new members for years, there might be the opportunity in the near future for you to subscribe to the METHOD HOW Report and become a part of the insiders group.

The METHOD HOW Report seems to have a quite loyal base already, since the last one of the rare unsubscribes occurred over a year and a half, plus the report has a much higher number of opens than the estimated average.

Why does the METHOD HOW Report have such a loyal base? No one really knows for sure, but it might have something to do with unexpectedly, offbeat and sometimes squirming inducing content.

But it still comes through with its main mission which is to let readers know about the next METHOD HOW strategy difference that will be coming soon, ahead of anyone else not allowed to subscribe.

When you subscribe to the “METHOD HOW Report” this means that you will receive weekly reports with exclusive previews and insights into the latest upcoming strategies and what they can do for you.

Qualifying “Company in Need” like yours, will have free access to each week’s “Strategies DIY” (Do it Yourself). Please note that “Strategies DFY” (Done for You) are not available at the present time.

Subscribe now to the “METHOD HOW Report” which previews each week the latest METHOD HOW that you can use weekly to do what you want to accomplish with your small business online, or if you are thinking of starting a company you will have access to the SECRET HOW to create a new campaign using easy, fast and effective step-by-step strategies.”

Subscribe to the report to

Learn about your METHOD HOW

To Weekly Get the Latest SECRET HOW

To Create a Company Campaign for What You Now

Want Your Company to Accomplish

In Ten Easy, Fast & Effective Steps

You’ll have access to either “Strategies DIY” (Do it Yourself) or “Strategies DFY” (Done for You) to help you put together a campaign for whatever it is that you want to accomplish that week for your existing company that you are considering putting together.

And the “METHOD HOW Report” will act like a theater showing a coming attraction of a movie.

In our analogy the motion picture symbolizes the latest strategy that has been produced.

Please note that at the current time we have put the Company Campaign DFY (Done for You) into a holding pattern.

If we decide to go live with the “DFY” program it will be announced in your weekly METHOD HOW Report.

The reason for starting with only the Weekly Company Campaign program is because before formally opening the doors, if we decide to do so, we would like to off the business owner who is a “Person in Need” help them with DIY Instructions that they can use for their company.

“Company in Need” is a company that has had a particularly difficult time due to issues such as COVID, flooding, fires, inflation and more.

If you are an owner of a “Company in Need” and have not yet subscribed to the “METHOD HOW Report,” please do so now,.

Why? Because to unlock the access to free strategies requires subscribing since it is a way of being able to let you in on the latest benefits and opportunities of the current secret approaches.