Make a Difference

METHOD HOW to Use Self Hypnosis to NOT Get What You Want, Need and Desire for Your Company and Even Life…

What Do You Believe in?

So the point of that title is that if you do not believe in hypnosis, it will not work and empower you to accomplish your goals for your business and life. “Self Hypnosis” is a metaphor for the idea that you need to believe in something. John Lennon once sang…”I just believe in me, Yoko and me.” John believed in something, Other people might believe in religion, or magic or whatever.

Need to Rant?

I hope this post does not backfire on me with a bunch of people taking to task anger in terms of what you believe in being an individuals choice’s. If you want to rant and are not already on the METHOD HOW Report list, this is your chance. Subscribe and you will get a confirmation email from an address that I indirectly receive.

I Believe in Believing

I truly BELIEVE that you need to BELIEVE in something, anything, and your needs will then actually have a shot at becoming reality. I know this sounds strange, but even if you are a stauch atheist, that is a belief. Believing that there is no…well…you know, can give you purpose in your existance.

Chaos is Order?

Human need to believe in something be successful at whatever they want to succeed with. Because if you don’t believe in anything, including yourself, you will find yourself in chaos. Which for some might be something to believe?!

Get Ready…

Anyway, if you believe in hypnosis, please take a moment to stare into the image above, and your are in an altered state, these words will go through your mind:

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