Make a Difference

METHOD HOW to Create a Performance Art Piece

Reaching for Insight

How Many Blogs?

From the date of this blog post, in eight weeks or approximately two months, the Blog Coalition (of which this site is a part of) will, if everything goes as planned, have seventy-five websites.

Trying to Avoid Thinking Out of the Box

There are times when creativity gets in the way. It is not the fault of inspiration, but rather the person who believes they have it. This condition, without purpose and discipline, might not resonate.

Not that Communication Should be the Goal

Sometimes the aim can be to not understand. Needless to say though, if the artist is conscious of this, the boat is missed.

The Art of [Noun Goes Here]

We embarrass ourselves when we talk about “our art.” My face flushes red on a regular basis.

METHOD HOW to Create a Performance Art Piece?