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Happy Heart Day, Welcome to a Soft, Soft Launch

What do you see when you look through the METHOD HOW Glasses on Heart Day?

Do you know what is called by my brother a soft, soft launch? I’ll tell you what it isn’t.

It’s not a soft launch.

In fact, it’s not even a launch really.

Then what is it?

Today is symbolic. It’s quite exciting. For us anyway. Because it marks when we are finally getting started officially with the website you are reading right now.

But the truly momentous thing that is going to change the world as we know it, was created by Open AI and began in November of last year with the emergence of an AI site.

The San Francisco company Open AI introduced ChatGPT, which stands for “Generated Pre-Trained Transformer,” to the general public on November 30, 2022.

Everyone will have their own take on this, and some might join in.

We did. And plan on using the ChatGPT tool to assist in the creation of learning products.

If you are interested, please subscribe to the METHOD HOW Report.

In the report we will be talking about AI as well as how we plan to use it to help others.

We have extensive experience in magic, filmmaking and marketing, which when combined with new tech, will generate output.

The downloadable digital products that we hope to make available soon, will initially be developed as a way to hopefully help those who identify as being a person in need who has a company in need.

In this transitional phase, all who feel these info projects could prove beneficial to them, will soon be able to receive these items at no charge of course.

To find out when the first product is available before anyone else, be sure to now subscribe to the METHOD HOW Report.