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It all began with on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2023. The New Years resolution that the founder of METHOD HOW (To Get What You Want) made was to develop a new ten step strategy each and every week, launched 123 or rather 1 (Jan) 23 (launch date) and if you are interested in become a subscriber of the METHOD HOW Report please go to the Subscribe page.

Why subscribe to the METHOD HOW Report? Mainly if you are interested in learning about the latest weekly company success strategy available for free to those who are eligible as being a Person in Need with a Company in Need.

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Is it Possible to DIY (Do it Yourself) Your Promoting and Other Tasks, to Save a Great Deal of Money, But Without Going Stark Raving Mad?!

The reality is that with very expensive search engine and social media ads, it is getting harder and harder for a ‘Person in Need’ to do their own marketing for their ‘Company in Need.’ Or so it seems?! What is the METHOD HOW to keep your sanity in check?

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Win-Win?

In reality there is a way out for a Person in Need with a Company in Need in order to make what they do and then get a fair price from those who purchase it. A win-win on both sides.

The idea was simple, to harness the power of the Blog Coalition of websites, at that time amounting to 75 of them, to help a Person in Need who has a Company in Need.

This individual would then be able to use one or more of the (at least 5) new strategies each week, then slowly but surely, they could potentially get their company back on track to be profitable and not lose money any longer!

And remember, the ‘Blog Coalition ‘Make a Difference as You Make a Living’ just might be useful to you if you are not a Person in Need with a Company in Need.

And our country, the United States, is an important partner in the process…

“U.S. Do Good”

That’s the real message.

In Manhattan, NYC and Across the Nation

Business Owner, Would You Describe Yourself as Being One of the…

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Meet Professor Dreamer

We’ve all been there, a part of the “Businesses in Need.”

Let’s face it, running a business is hard enough in good times, but with COVID, Inflation, a USA Divided and much more. These are challenging days for entrepreneurial ventures.

Those hit the hardest are small businesses in need of digital transformation and getting at least some aspects of what they do to take place online.

“U.S.A. Divided” in a “U.S. in Need”

Here in the United States of America there is a portion of the U.S. that is just out of sight. We are talking about the “U.S. in Need.”

If you own one of the…

“Businesses in Need,”

…Then you well known the fear and uncomfortable feeling that need can cause. Categories of Needs may include…

  • “Employment in Need,”
  • “Health in Need,”
  • “Housing in Need,”
  • And, yes, “Hunger in Need.”

METHOD HOW is a website founded by those with multimedia, web, promotional and entrepreneurial educational strengths. That is why at first this website will focus on a specific subcategory from “U.S in Need.” They will initially be providing weekly Strategies DIY (Do it Yourself.

METHOD HOW will not in the beginning offer Strategies DFY (Done for You).

And the good news is, that for virtually all strategies there are free versions of the digital tools needed.

Embarking on DIY instead of DFA, the whole process for the business implementing can be at no cost.

It just means more time spent by the entrepreneur of the business following the step by step instructions from the sequentially created Strategies DIY.

And in the end, for many is to be a…

“Winner in Business” by going from “Dreamer to Realist?”

Professor Dreamer and Professor Realist are characters in this real life story or yours. The strategies produced weekly by METHOD HOW integrate both dreamer ideals and realist focus, gaining for you the best of both worlds.