Make a Difference

Businesses in Need

Houdini Escaped from the Chains and Lived the American Dream

We the People

Here in the United States of America are facing a multitude of problems and it is on us to develop, as well as implement, solutions. For example, here in New York City, The Big Apple (Manhattan) we developed the website Save NYC Together.

Up and Down

Problems in search of solutions include COVID still making lots of individuals ill, inflation is present, and for entrepreneurs, especially those requiring an in-person customer, business is up and down. That is why we are focusing less on in-person business and are looking to the web for entrepreneurial projects such as USA Online Business.

People What Happened?

Then to paint what is a pretty bleak picture: USA is divided. And although we might ultimately want a USA that is United, at this point many of us would settle for just a USA UNIFIED. And although we need to ask tough questions like “People what happened?”, by the same token it is necessary to take steps by taking in suggestions like USA Make a Difference.

American Dreams

Plus, finally, whenever possible, help “Businesses in Need” by becoming a customer. We need to support entrepreneurship, which is one of the most important of the many American Dreams. And a different breed of entrepreneur that we can help whenever possible, are those who pursue the American Dream of being performing artists. We are talking about all entertainers including USA Magicians.